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In 1989, Vivien obtained her Merit Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from the Rhode International in London and immediately found herself in demand as an interior decorator. She has since then branched out and extended her services to turn-key contracting for homes, offices, commercial and industrial buildings. Homes and offices she has built have received numerous accolades.

Capitalising on her 25 years experience in interior decoration and her eye for the creative and aesthetic, Vivien ventured into the distribution of classical European furniture. Vimac Interior and Furnishings Pte Ltd currently distributes furniture made by Metebronz Mobilya.

These brands exemplify Vivien's personal approach to interior decoration, and capture and embody her view of what good furniture should be: innovative, contemporary, unique and well-made. Craftmanship, material quality and workmanship are also highly important features in the furniture that Vivien chooses to represent and distribute.

Metebronz Mobilya has been producing furniture for over 40 years since 1963. Using a composite of technology and classical design techniques, Metebronz Mobilya furniture is renown for its prestige, classical style, superb materials and quality workmanship. With a wide range of products and excellent craft and workmanship, Metebronz Mobilya is one of the leading furniture brands in the world.

Vimac Interior and Furnishings Pte Ltd has recently expanded into the area of soft furnishings, and is currently the distributor of bedcovers, cushion covers, wall hangings.

From India, this range of contemporary artistic soft furnishings is characterized by fine hand embroidered patterns, eye catching prints, exquisite cut works and delicate patch work on rich high quality materials. A perfect choice for those looking for soft furnishings with an exotic yet tasteful style.

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