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By Nat Chan,

Dear Master Vivien, just want to let you know how grateful I am for your help the last two years. Thank you for praying for me and for your activation prayers and for your all your advice!

In my line of work, we have monthly/quarterly targets to meet, and at the start of every month, it’s always difficult. With your activation prayers and advice, somehow I cruise through the month, month after month and I know this is not pure luck or coincidence. I strongly believe this is a mixture of all the activation prayers you have customized for me, your blessings, your advice, my beliefs in them, my sincerity, weekly temple visits and lots of good aura. 🙏🏼

I have met 3 other masters in my life and I realized only you utilizes a range of fengshui learnings to cultivate the best course of action for your clients and friends. It’s truly amazing how detailed and concise you are. Thank you for everything and I am deeply grateful for your kindness and help! Thank you so much! 😃🙏🏼🙏🏼

By Angeline Teo,

I usually don’t watch live videos on Facebook but somehow, I chanced upon one that featured Vivien.  I was impressed. That was in 2018.


I remember sharing it with my sisters and gushing over Vivien. Then in September 2018 when I attended one of JY’s seminar, we saw Vivien walking in front of us. That was an indication that maybe it was time to engage Vivien for FS audit. We approached her and luck would have it, we managed to get a slot from her within a month.

As I am a fraternal twin, my bazi chart has to be read differently from my twin sister. Usually, when I consult other masters, they just read based on the original chart. So, my twin and I had the same reading all these years but our lives are so different. Vivien was different, I must say she is more detailed and she had on-hand 2 different charts when she conference call us for verification. One of the charts clearly reflected my character and finally, my chart was determined. And no, mine was not the original chart.


Vivien did the audit for my home and similar to her, I have an affinity with numbers and occasionally buys lottery. She told me that I bought the unit because I have an affinity with the unit number #02-02 and also because I’m a surging snake (a deity that has affinity with properties), which I didn’t want to acknowledge for quite a while. I finally did after a few EO that I am really one.


After the audit, I struck lottery a few times on days and/or months she told me that I have wealth luck. The most memorable win was during my wealth month, I bought a number but it was in the wrong sequence!


I learnt a lot from Vivien during this one year and she is the only one that genuinely gives advice without expecting any returns. That really show her character and in fact, if you know her, she is very kind-hearted.

Vivien has a superb memory too. She remembers my chart and up till today, she still send me reminder to be careful in certain month of the year. Last year November, she told me to be extra careful. I didn’t and fractured my toe! This year, she sent me reminder again and this time, I listened and smoothly sailed through the bad month.


I am glad to have met Vivien and grateful to her for her advice. I don’t go to other masters now as Vivien is truly the only master for me.

By Shanice Choong,
I would like to start off this by thanking Vivien and the huge impact she has made to our lives.
I chanced upon knowing Vivien while I was trying for my first child. We have been married for coming 2 years, and wanted kids right after marriage but that did not happen after 02 years, I got desperate and went around looking for the “secret” formula to increase chances to bearing the first child. 
In the first meeting with Vivien, she introduced me to Flying Stars and how the 3,9 star can increase the possibilities for us. I followed the stars as guided by Vivien and in 2009, we were proud Parents of our baby girl 😊 
In our second attempt. Vivien explained more depth on the sectors of the flying stars, and in short, they represent possible outcomes of the gender. We followed closely on the sectors and the flying stars. In 2012, our son arrived. 
In the journey with Vivien, through my Ba Zi and annual audits, and has guided me in my career is many way, we are forever grateful.
By Consuelo Calo,

I saw Vivien in one of JY's modules (coaching). I was very impressed with how she handled the topic. I really exerted an effort to look her up when I had a very pressing problem. It was my first time to do this kind of consultation and I do not know what to expect. Vivien did QM and Bazi for me. Wow! I did not expect her to do all those for my reading. Vivien got everything right and she really helped me with my problem. What I appreciated the most is that I was not only a client for her. From there on she was also a friend whom I could really still talk to. Thank you very much Vivien.  

By Sue Lim,
Im an on Line student under vivien for FSAY and QMA.
I don't know where to start, but I feel very blessed and will be forever grateful for what Vivien has done for me and my family in the short time I've known her.
I'm in the US and have never personally met Vivien. I messaged her for help and a consultation.
From her own words she felt that i really need help for my birth hour and get things moving and seeing I was diligent and waited 6 month , She finally took me in. She back track event talk to me for 3 hrs just to help me find my hour of birth . So that everything she does going forth can be accurate.
Back story is that I've been through very rough times. Not that I didn't think believe in metaphysics/feng Shui, it's because I trusted FAKE MASTER practitioners. We went into a business venture that cost us millions due to these so call practitioner. Buying thousands worth of statues. Not to say that the business would be successful with the proper feng shui, but we'll never know. This practitioner had a great resume, he did FS audits each year for major casinos in Las Vegas and some well known celebrities. When the business was failing due to partnership issues, I desperately seeked his help as he did all our business and yearly home audits. He instructed me to fully remodel my kitchen stating it's the only way unless I wanted to find another house. Well little did I know at that time, the kitchen was in the 5 yellow. Not only did we lose millions but we lost money remodeling and triggered endless headaches that comes along with the 5 yellow. Hopeless and stressed I found another practitioner that would give consults that we're not accurate, and sometimes false due to lack of expertise. They would charge us for dates and time, but when we questioned the clashes or ask for clarification they would go "dark". They gave false info and during a consult actually the person's own assistant that was on that conference pointed out it was not correct. They disappeared, and never contacted us again, or maybe just to try to fix or rectify what they did wrong. Well it was very convenient after thousands of wasted dollar spent.
I was at my lowest point when I met Vivien. She conducts hours of questioning and looks into everything in detail for me every-time I ask for a date or business dealings. She leaves no stone unturned.
She used Qi Men charts for Forecasting and Execution with BZ and Date Selection to help my daughter get in to the school . My daughter has been accepted to the #1 school in our state and for no tuition. The odds were against her. There was only about 10 slots for her grade level for hundreds of applicants.
I have not had a chance to get a full audit for my house or my business yet until next month for 2020 (that's how busy she is). But in the last 6 months my life and my families life has changed for the better. And let me tell you how: it's because anytime I ask her a question she answers me and helps me through it till the end. She sends me and my family activation dates and times that she knows will benefit us. Sometimes warranted and most times not. Vivien really cares for the people she works with and genuinely wants to help. I sometimes don't believe that anyone would really want to help us without asking anything in return. My family and I will be forever grateful to her and she will be our practitioner for life.
By E Lian,

For a good 16 years, I had a fairly smooth sailing, high paying career and one single boss whom I respected tremendously. In 2015, my boss decided that I will be pulled out from the team to spearhead a new business unit. It sounded like a career progression but the whole initiative was clouded with confusion and lack of direction as it was so new that we were like a start-up. Due to the stresses from my new role and my hubby who was also facing challenges from his business, our marriage was affected. In 2017, by rare chance, we were introduced to Vivien. She was like a nobleman sent to us. My hubby sought his first consult with Vivien in 2017 and started to get some stability in his work.


I was not very convinced at first but my career continued to face with great challenges even after three years of running the start-up unit. On one hand, we were beginning to see results, on the other, we were still struggling to prove ourselves and get senior management’s buy-in on what we were doing. And my boss of 20-years seemed to go through some clashes herself and as a result, was making things very difficult at work. I was on the verge of quitting and I decided to get a consult from Vivien. 


So for the whole of 2018, Vivien gave me advice on my career options. For instance, on certain month, she highlighted it was my clash month and I would always want a change. She urged me to calm down and think carefully. In addition, she gave us specific dates/time to activate good energies in our house, particularly for noblemen and wealth stars. Interestingly, instead of me changing my job due to my very difficult boss, my boss of 20-years moved on to another role and I was given full latitude to run the unit she tasked me to set up. And she even gave me a raise before she went!


Vivien did the same for me in 2019 where she advised me of the opportunities ahead of me and how I could leverage on some of the stars in my chart and my house to launch certain strategic actions for my career. After my boss of 20-year left, I have changed three different bosses in one year. And my challenge was to gain the trust of each new boss in the shortest possible time.  But with Vivien’s guidance on what are the tools available for me, I navigated 2019 with confidence and finally gained recognition from senior management on the work that I have done for the business unit I started.


Career wise was good for me in 2019 but my health took a beating. I was hospitalized middle of the year and was scared stiff that I needed a surgery that same day I was admitted. Vivien used Qimen to forecast and told me, it did not seem I would have a surgery. True enough, after my CT scan, the doctor said it was not appendicitis so no surgery needed! What I contracted was within her reading for me at the start of the year - that I needed to watch for my lower body and bacteria infection as year of the pig is about contamination. I was diagnosed with infection of the large intestine. 


Vivien is very careful with all the consults she does for her clients. She is extremely meticulous and will give detailed report to us which is like our directory for the year.


What is important is, we all go through trials and tribulations from time to time. It is during such periods we need a strong guiding hand with clarity to help us navigate our options. Vivien is able to provide that. She is truly a nobleman to my hubby and I! Thank you so much! 


By Yvette Tan, Co-owner of Chin Ling Nursery,

Since 2010, we have Vivien to audit and review our home and office Feng Shui every year.

Our personalized Audit Report by her is always extensive and elaborate allowing us to understand so much about our limitations and potentials for the year. Because of her in-depth knowledge in Metaphysics especially in Feng Shui and Date Selection, she was able to get us through our tough times FAST and helped us advance to our potential.

We are truly grateful for everything she have done for our family and will strongly recommend her to everyone!

By Kevin Wong, Executive Director of KKW Media Pte Ltd,

I was a struggling business person with a new startup that didn't do as well as expected. Like any new business owner, I spent sleepless nights and worked 7 days a week trying to protect my venture and capital invested but things didn't seem to work. After holding on for close to a year, winding up the business started to become the only answer. However, I decided to invest in Vivien's expertise in terms of manpower selection, Bazi profiling, Direction and Facing techniques, and tapping into the right direction Qi flow, things started to happen positively and pretty fast. As a businessperson, we always wished we had a "crystal ball" to tell us the right direction and answers to help us make the right decisions, well Vivien is THE "crystal ball". I highly recommend Vivien as a professional Fengshui Master and advisor, and let her point you in the right direction. Don't just take my word for it, contact Vivien and take your first step to the long awaited success you deserve.

By Kenneth Wong, Managing Director of Libra Multi-tech Pte Ltd,

As a businessman running two businesses, I've always prided myself as a very scientific and practical person. When I first met Vivien, I was very much like anybody, very skeptical and suspicious. However, after engaging Vivien's services and advice, I realised that Fengshui is nothing religious nor superstitious, it is in fact scientific because you can actually see results!!

Now believing in Fengshui is not enough, you also need a dedicated Fengshui Master whom actually cares about your well-being and your business, and Vivien is definitely the one. The amount of time and detail she actually goes into is simply amazing!! I've met a few Fengshui Masters before but never a Master like Vivien, she's so passionate about what she does to the point where she actually cares more about your success than the actual money she charges. As a businessman and an individual, I highly recommend Vivien as the "ULTIMATE GUIDING LIGHT".

By Ching Ling Nursery,